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2022 Employee List

  • Auralynn Naytowhow COHI Health Aide
  • Home Health Aide
  • Maternal Child Health Worker
  • Tyla Sylvester, Mental Health Therapist
  • Med. Trans. Coordinator
  • CHR
  • Vernon Bird Medical Taxi Driver
  • Medical Taxi Driver
  • NNADAP Worker
  • Stewart Bird Medical Taxi Driver
  • Laura McCallum-Naytowhow Nurse
  • Nadine Mitsung  Nurse
  • Bonnie Henderson Home Health Aide
  • Randy C. Bird Custodian
  • Rachel Henderson CHR
  • Devin Naytowhow, Security Manager
  • Melanie Martell Nurse
  • Receptionist
  • Larry Burgess: Health Director
  • Brighter Futures
  • Dental Therapist
  • NNADAP Worker
  • Georgina Maurice Administrative Assistant
  • Alfred Nelson Maintenance
  • Response Team Leader

More Information:

The William Charles Health Centre is a nursing station serving the Montreal Lake Cree Nation on reserve. The holistic needs of the community are provided by the Health Centre Team through a variety of programs such as Nursing, Home Care, NNADAP, etc.

A medical doctor comes to the community one day per week and all other urgent and emergency cases are transported to the hospital in Prince Albert either by ambulance or by our medical taxi.

Health Care:

Making home visits to the sick, aged, disable/handicapped, mothers with children and families experiencing crisis in their lives to provide needed health care assistance by:
  • Identify and refer situations that require further attention to the appropriate personnel; e.g. sick child referred to nurse; family with no food referred to welfare worker/council; child abuse / neglect referred to ICFS.
  • Maintain contact with the elderly and monitoring their nutritional status and general state of health.
  • Accompany the nurse for prenatal and postnatal home care visits.
  • Counsel and monitor chronically ill diabetics and discuss their status with the nurse.
  • the doctor and nurse on home visits to the acutely ill.
  • Taking blood sugar and blood pressures.
  • Weighing patients.
  • Assist nurses during Doctor’s day.
  • Prepare dental consent forms at the beginning of the school term and distributing these to both schools.
  • Prepare first aid kits for the schools, daycare, bush workers, etc.
  • Assist in emergencies.

Assisting Liaising:

Professional development and assisting members of the health care delivery service by:
  • To attend conferences and workshops on health issues as requested by the Councillor in Charge or Health Director.
  • To attend meetings regularly with members of the health care delivery team to discuss matters of mutual concern including programs, projects, problems and clients
  • Serve as an interpreter for the elderly on doctor’s day and when other who are direct/indirectly involved with health visit the community

Support Administration Activities:

To provide support to community members in a health related way by:
  • Pulling charts when requested
  • Sterilizing medical equipment
  • Accompany some patients especially the elderly and school children to out of town medical and optometrist appointments
  • Handle and file medical charts
  • Search for medical files for names of children who are school age
  • Xerox medical records to other health centers when children move
  • Clean the clothing storage room
  • Search for public health records for children living off reserve
  • Substitute for secretary/receptionist when she is away
  • Prepare and submit a monthly written report for the Health Committee
  • Attend, upon request, the Health Committee meetings