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Montreal Lake Cree Nation’s Housing Department serves Montreal Lake 106-A and Little Red 106-B, we currently oversee 384 homes with respect to the maintenance of the homes, within both communities. Primarily we deal with on the day to day basis is Heating, Plumbing and Electrical work. Our organization in Montreal Lake 106-A consists of 5 staff and Little Red consists of 2 staff. Both Communities have Committees that are made of 5 Members in Montreal Lake, and 4 in Little Red. We currently operate from the Nick Bird Memorial Building that houses two organizations, that being Public Works and the Housing Department. With this short summary and insight to our organization, we thank you for taking the time to read this message

  • Neil Ross, Housing Program Manager
  • Jennifer Charles Reception
  • Lindsay Halkett Occupancy Clerk
  • Bernard Bird, Maintenance
  • Lloyd Roberts,Maintenance
  • Jamie Halkett Maintenance Little Red
  • Elisa Halkett Occupancy Clerk Little Red