Due to the Covid 19 Variant of concern, Montreal Lake Pandemic Response Team(PRT) has come to the decision that there is a need to have safety measures in place.

As you are aware, the Restricted Access is currently lifted to enjoy the Easter break and allow traffic to enter and exit the Community.

Unfortunately, due the Variant of concern, the Community may need go back to Restricted Access. This means only members that live in MLCN can enter and exit the Community.

If there is evidence of Variant entering our Community we may immediately, perhaps without warning, go into Emergency Lockdown Procedures. This means no one is allowed to enter or exit the Community.

This is due to the potential outbreak of Covid-19 Variance and how it has the ability to attack the younger population. With this age group making up close to half of the On-Reserve population, you can see the reason for this.

For more information, check out this website

The PRT is in preparation of securing food and necessary goods, however, it is encouraged that individuals do the same.

Your cooperation in this is greatly appreciated, we will get through this!