Financial Reports

Summary of Financial Improvements made under Chief Edward Henderson's leadership since 2012. For full details please see the documents (below).

Edward Henderson was elected Chief after Roger Bird. At that time, he inherited a situation of financial difficulty where the band had several outstanding lawsuits including cases stemming from 'South Beach Homes' - (Lionel Bird, Chief); that was also $2,24 million in cash debt, replacement reserves of $1,5 million were depleted, the audit was a 'Denial of Opinion' and INAC was positioning the band for 3rd party management.

Within 5 years of strategic management and planning; all lawsuits except for the NUFAB/South Beach Homes case have been resolved; the cash debt has been repaid, replacement reserves are fully funded and there have been 3 consecutive years of 'Unqualified Audits'. As a result, INAC has removed MLCN from intervention and has provided MLCN with a 'LOW RISK' General Assessment report."

MLCN was financially sound and skilled in management to withstand the catastrophe caused by the 2015 wildfires. We have fully recovered from this situation without incurring significant financial debt and replacement homes have been constructed; families are all expected to move into their new homes before Christmas of this year.

MLCN is now currently experiencing a period of growth and improvements in program delivery, ranging from health services to education and infrastructure. There are a number of major projects currently under construction that are fully funded; The New William Charles Health Center, The Water Treatment Plant Upgrade, Roads and Drainage, Housing Replacements and area damages that were lost to Wildfires. A new CMHC Housing development project currently being negotiated for a minimum of 15 up 35 new housing units for both LRRR and ML sites.

2017 Management Letter
MLCN 2017 Schedule of Remuneration and Expenses - Chief and Council
MLCN 2017 Consolidated Financial Statements
2016 Management Letter
MLCN 2015-2016 General Assessment
MLCN 2016 Consolidated Financial Statements
MLCN 2016 Schedule of Remuneration and Expenses - Chief and Council
MLCN 2014-2015 Financial Summary
First Nations Financial Transparency Act
(source: Department of Justice Website)
First Nations Fiscal Management Act
(source: Department of Justice Website)

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